With more than 1,300 successfully completed projects and more than 20 years of experience dr. gawlitta executive search and recruitment consultants are experts for the search and selection of members of boards of directors and those reporting to board members – either executives or specialists – and also experienced sales professionals.


We see ourselves as ambassadors for our clients on the job market and with our high level of professional competence as well as direct contacts with potential employees we create a favourable employer brand for our clients from the medium-sized business sector.

We advise you in filling the positions of board or advisory board  members. For larger companies in the medium-sized sector we have for over 15 years been appointed as members of the advisory board.
We provide customised solutions for manufacturing companies in the medium-sized sector and also for trading companies for technical products.
Your employees are of great importance to you. Working together with you we develop measures for keeping your key employees.

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Current issues

December 2016

Personalberatung meldet ein erfolgreiches erstes Halbjahr 2018. Expansion durch neue Mitarbeiter und weitere internationale Partner.


Um zertifiziert zu werden, mussten umfangreiche Dokumentationen der gesamten Abläufe in den Bewerbungs- und Auswahlprozessen unter Berücksichtigung der neuen Datenschutzanforderungen vorgelegt werden. Zudem waren die Kompetenzen der Beteiligten sowie deren Qualifikationen im Rahmen eines mehrstündigen Audits nachzuweisen. 


On 1 January 2016 a law was passed in Germany concerning equal opportunities for men and women at work regarding executive positions and membership of boards of directors. The law prescribes that for listed and medium-sized companies with full employee board-level representation and 500 employees or more at least 30% of new executives and board members should be women.

Customer recommendations

We work pursuant to the statutory regulations for recruitment consultants and are bound to conform to the strict directives of the BDU (German Management Consulting Association). We lay particular emphasis on data protection and the regulations of the [German] General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG).
Our clients can confirm this. We shall be happy to show you references personally from the total of more than 1,300 successfully completed projects and 150 long-standing clients.