Employer Branding

The medium-sized business sector as a major attraction on the job market

It is the medium-sized companies which are frequently "hidden champions" in their market niche who suffer from the shortage of specialist and executive staff. Consequently, striving actively to be better known – even outside their niche – has an existential importance for these companies because it increases their chances of becoming better known by potential employees. We see ourselves as our clients' ambassador on the job market. Accordingly, with our high level of professional competence as well as direct contacts with potential employees, we create a favourable employer brand for our medium-sized business sector clients. We also seek contact with universities to develop and apply active measures for employer branding of our medium-sized client companies. For this reason, we have carried out since 2012 in co-operation with universities projects on the topics "recruitment in job markets with a shortage of potential job applicants "and "employer branding".