Potential analysis and talent management for young executives (internal) and direct search (external)

Companies who wish to fill a vacant executive position have two possibilities: an internal search among company employees using our proven potential analysis and talent management for young executives, or filling the position externally through the methods of classical recruitment consulting. For both possibilities dr. gawlitta (BDU) offers customised solutions for medium-sized companies. The potential analysis for existing employees is always oriented to filling a specific position in your company and is customised for this position. All properties and abilities of the candidates who are to be considered for this internal job offer will be agreed closely with you. The potential analysis itself consists of written, oral and practice-oriented exercises for the candidates, which will be rounded off by a psychological test.

Systems for agreement on objectives as leadership instruments


Aligned to the core strengths of your company and in consideration of the business sector environment and company size, a system for agreement on objectives promotes the motivation and commitment of your executives and their subordinates (team members).

Both qualitative and quantitative goals are integrated into the system for agreement on objectives. Accompanied by continual communication between executives and their subordinates this will lead to a future-oriented agreement-on-objectives system which will be accepted by all those involved and lead to a considerable competitive advantage.

We support our clients in designing and implementing an agreement-on-objectives system tailor-made to your company.

Performance evaluation will protect your company's investment in the workforce

It is a central element of a modern and effective economy that those with jobs are judged by the performance they achieve and not according to any other criteria, for example, age or duration of service. Performance evaluations are carried out on the basis of well-structured and regular processes.

In a well-structured process formalised information concerning employee performance is collected according to a schedule and then processed and analysed. Furthermore the information is compared with performance criteria agreed in advance. These criteria can be embedded in an agreement-on-objectives system.